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February 2007

earth album | cartes google + flickr

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Earth Album is a simpler, slicker Flickr mash-up that allows you to explore some of the most stunning photos in the world courtesy of Google maps and Flickr. To begin your journey, just click somewhere on the map, e.g. "Greenland". Note-- since the top Flickr images are used, the images change every few weeks; bookmark this site and check back for a different experience in a month!

December 2006


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A Flickr lover: ''Ii wanted to have my (Flickr) favorites in my hard drive in order to see them with picasa or something like that. So i made this .Net application using the Flickr.Net API with a little modification. You'll need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (here) to run it. FlickrFavs allows you to download the original size of any flickr user public favorites.


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This tool allow you to see and download the most interesting pictures of your flickr's contacts You'll need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (here) to run it

tt: handkasteel

A Flickr user's miniature slideshow of his Handcastle project. The slideshow has over 1000 images that appear in random order at a five seconds interval. To add the slideshow to your site, you simply grab some bit of code add it to your site

Flickr: Flickr Hacks

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This script, called "Flickr Browse by Interesting" basically adds a link to a user,s photostream page. When clicked, it takes you to the very cool interestingness lister tool by isaias at which displays that user's photos ordered by interestingness.

October 2006

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