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PHP and MySQL communication, mysqlnd

Appeared with PHP5.3, mysqlnd is an unknown part of PHP. Yet, this extension is a must-have if your system relies heavily on the MySQL database server. We'll see what mysqlnd is, what it brings to PHP and how to use it.



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Packagist is the main Composer repository. It aggregates all sorts of PHP packages that are installable with Composer. Browse packages or submit your own.


libphutil from Facebook

libphutil is a collection of utility classes for PHP. Currently an unstable preview release.

Behat — BDD for PHP

ome to Behat! Behat is a tool that makes behavior driven development (BDD) possible. With BDD, you write human-readable stories that describe the behavior of your application. These stories can then be run as actual tests against your application. And yes, it’s as cool as it sounds!


PHP: filter_var - Manual

Filters a variable with a specified filter

Squash bugs in PHP applications with Zend Debugger

A special application called a debugger probes running code, allowing you to suspend execution arbitrarily, examine objects, explore the call stack, and even change the value of a variable on the fly. Learn how to use a debugger to squash bugs in your PHP code.

Développement Agile : A propos de tests... - François MOTTET

Cet article a pour but de présenter des outils utilisés pour générer automatiquement des tests automatiques, des outils pour écrire des tests unitaires, des outils pour écrire des tests fonctionnels et enfin des outils d'intégration continue qui ont pour but de builder en continu votre application, en lançant notamment votre batterie de tests.

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