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November 2010


Statistiques poker

October 2010

Open Source Alternative

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Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software

September 2010

PHP: filter_var - Manual

Filters a variable with a specified filter

August 2010

July 2010


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La boîte à outils des utilisateurs de Magento : ressources, analyses, trucs et astuces, dossiers, extensions, tests

Magento 1.4 cronjobs

Running a Magento 1.4 job through cron

Doc Zend Framework

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Programmer's Reference Guide

Customizing Magento using Event-Observer Method

Apart from the powerful OOP way of customizing Magento which is overriding methods by subclassing Magento’s core Blocks and Models, there is another way to plug in customizations in key flow areas of your Magento eCommerce shop. Referred to as the Event-Observer methodology, Magento has been programmed to raise events in crucial areas of the flow and handling these events for customizations would keep upgradation a simple task that does not require fiddling around with Magento’s core source code. An example would be the event ‘catalog_product_save_after’ which will be raised by Magento immediately after a product is saved.

Squash bugs in PHP applications with Zend Debugger

A special application called a debugger probes running code, allowing you to suspend execution arbitrarily, examine objects, explore the call stack, and even change the value of a variable on the fly. Learn how to use a debugger to squash bugs in your PHP code.

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