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Guido Engine Library

The GUIDO Music Notation Format is a formal language for score level music representation. It is a plain-text, i.e. readable and platform independent format capable of representing all information contained in conventional musical scores. The basic GUIDO Format is very flexible and can be easily extended and adapted to capture a wide variety of musical features beyond conventional musical notation (CMN). The GUIDO design is strongly influenced by the objective to facilitate an adequate representation of musical material, from tiny motives up to complex symphonic scores. GUIDO is a general purpose musical notation format; the intended range of application includes notation software, compositional and analytical systems and tools, performance systems, and large musical databases.

SoftSynth - music and computers

SoftSynth provides audio solutions for desktops, mobile devices and the web. Our products include a Polyphonic Ringtone Engine from Mobileer Inc. and JSyn.

Small But Digital - The MidiBus

The MidiBus is a MIDI library for Processing. It provides a quick and simple way to access and interact with installed MIDI system resources. The MidiBus is aimed primarily at real time MIDI applications. The focus is on strong MIDI I/O capabilities and keeping frills to a minimum (e.g. currently no built in sequencer, file read/write, MIDI recording/playback).


Google App Engine - Google Code

Run your web apps on Google's infrastructure.

jMusic - Computer music composition in Java.

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jMusic is a project designed to provide composers and software developers with a library of compositional and audio processing tools. It provides a solid framework for computer-assisted composition in Java™, and is also used for generative music, instrument building, interactive performance, and music analysis. jMusic supports musicians with its familiar music data structure based upon note/sound events, and provides methods for organising, manipulating and analysing that musical data. jMusic scores can be rendered as MIDI or audio files for storage and later processing or playback in real-time.

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Audio Software Synthesis API and Plugins for Java


The Gamelans of the Kraton Yogyakarta

This document is a study of how, in a specific context that is animated by a particular understanding of the world, musical instruments become objects of reverence in addition to their practical utilization as tools of musical performance. The context of this study is the royal palace (kraton) of the former Sultanate of Ngyogyakarta Hadiningrat (hereafter shortened to "Yogyakarta," which is also the name of the city in which the palace is physically situated)

Le développement avec Java : le tutorial développons en Java et développons en Java avec Eclipse

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L'idée de départ de ce document était de prendre des notes relatives à mes premiers essais en Java. Ces notes ont tellement grossies que j'ai décidé de les formaliser un peu plus et de les diffuser sur internet d'abord sous la forme d'articles puis rassemblées pour former le présent didacticiel.


Jython : Introduction

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Python est né d'une volonté d'utiliser les technologies Java avec un langage simple et puissant : Python. L'interpréteur python a donc été réécrit en Java pour permettre le mélange entre les classes du jdk et l'intrépeteur python au sein de la même machine virtuelle Java. Suite à des problèmes de license déténue par le CNRI (qui a vu la naissance de Python et de JPython), un nouveau nom a été donné à ce projet : Jython.