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Granular Synthesis: Resource Site

This resource has been designed for composers, musicians, researchers and anyone who has an interest in sound design and musical composition using granular synthesis. It features music, forums, software and guides on what granular synthesis is and how it can be used for creating music and soundscapes. It also covers control mechanisms and instrument building using granular synthesis as a sound source. Feel free to use these resources for research, musical composition, and discussions.

Musica Mecanica

Découvrez la musique mécanique sur Internet. Discover mechanical or automatic music on the Internet. Entdecken Sie die mechanische Musik im Internet.


Argo - Gérard Paresys

ARGOPd est constitué de modules de synthèse et de traitement sonore et visuel fonctionnant en temps réel sous Pure Data. ARGOPd is made of real-time sound and visual synthesis modules. A module is a Pure Data patch. Pour MacOSX, Windows, Linux. ARGOPd est fait pour des utilisateurs qui n'ont jamais programmé Pure Data

jMusic - Computer music composition in Java.

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jMusic is a project designed to provide composers and software developers with a library of compositional and audio processing tools. It provides a solid framework for computer-assisted composition in Java™, and is also used for generative music, instrument building, interactive performance, and music analysis. jMusic supports musicians with its familiar music data structure based upon note/sound events, and provides methods for organising, manipulating and analysing that musical data. jMusic scores can be rendered as MIDI or audio files for storage and later processing or playback in real-time.

Computer Music Group

The Computer Music Project at CMU develops computer music and interactive performance technology to enhance human musical experience and creativity. This interdisciplinary effort draws on Music Theory, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Real-Time Systems, Computer Graphics and Animation, Multimedia, Programming Languages, and Signal Processing.

Music fonts, music software, tutorials, notation formats... Experience shows a much better situation for customers when you decide to use standard file formats and standard protocols and buy the software that fits to this decision.

Computer Music Center at Columbia University

The Computer Music Center at Columbia University is an innovative and exciting music and arts technology facility with a long history of creative excellence

2008 :: Relations entre les technologies, les sciences et la création musicale contemporaine

Ce site concerne le domaine des relations entre les technologies, les sciences et la création musicale contemporaine. Il porte plus particulièrement sur les liens originaux apparus après 1945 entre ces trois secteurs d'activité et sur le cas de la France. (Anne Veitl)

Developer resources: Assistive Technology : UNC-CS

On this page you will find links to documentation, tutorials, Windows binaries, and source code for our various Python libraries.