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September 2008

This site and the JW Player

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Hello, and welcome! My name is Jeroen Wijering and I'm working as a developer (and cofounder) with both LongTail Video and Bits on the Run. LongTail Video is a no-nonsense advertisement network for online video, currently serving about 5.000.000 streams a day. Bits on the Run is a revolutionary online video management platform, combining encoding, management, publishing and tracking in one easy to use shell.

January 2008

Developer resources: Assistive Technology : UNC-CS

On this page you will find links to documentation, tutorials, Windows binaries, and source code for our various Python libraries.

December 2007

Music Library — University of North Texas Libraries

The UNT Music Library - one of the largest academic music collections in the United States - contains over 250,000 volumes of books, periodicals, scores, dissertations, and reference works in countless languages. In addition to the printed collection, the Music Library has nearly 500,000 sound recordings in a variety of formats, including Edison cylinders, gramophone records, reel-to-reel tapes, compact discs, and digital tape recordings. Playback equipment is provided for different types of recordings in the audio center, and in-house audio transfers of older formats occur in the preservation studio.