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March 2007

Dario Argento's new movie: The Third Mother

Everything you have to know about the third episode in the Maters storyline, after Suspiria and Inferno. Be prepared for Mater Lachrymarum!IT>ENG by google

A mess of an Hitcher

Awful, totally awful remake of the cult classic The Hitcher. Negative review for this poor mess of a film.With Sean Bean instead than Rutger Hauer. IT>ENG by google

Half light is half a movie!

Negative, really negative review for this boring supernatural thriller starring the still sexy Demi Moore.IT>ENG by google

February 2007


English tourists get in the way of a gang of spanish child kidnappers At least that's what happens in great spanish flick The Backwoods, with gifted actor Gary Oldman. Check out the whole story! IT>ENG by Google.

Band of children from the sewer stalks and kills mother and her daughter.

And that's only the beginning of what happens in ILS (THEM), a wonderfully crafted masterpiece of suspense and violent action. Lensed in Romania by some french filmakers, you can find it in any video store!IT>ENG by Google.

January 2007

A serial killer of serial killers?

Mixed reviews for "Suspect Zero" with Ben Kingsley and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Beware of old people in your house, they can leech you!

That's what happens in The Glow, a clone-movie of Rosemary's Baby, with Portia De Rossi and Dean Cain. Mixed reviews for this supernatural thriller.IT>ENG

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