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28 February 2007

Venezuelan guy inherit a whorehouse, transform it into a slaughterhouse and kills 18 girls.

In a crazy emulation of notorious serial killer Landru, this is the story told by recent spanish movie "H6:Diary of a serial killer", a tad too long but graphically wonderful tale by young filmmaker Martín Garrido Barón. IT>ENG by GoogleT.

06 February 2007

Mom and her child kept like slaves in the woods for more than 40 days!

This is what happens in Broken, a UK indie flick about a survivalist who traps young women, torture and force them to obey him while living in the woods.IT>ENG by Google.

05 February 2007


Here it is what probably can be the best field guide on serial killers, for sure in Italy and even all over the world. Authors Mastronardi and De Luca have collected more than 2200 cases with 207 specific boxes and more than 800 pages about the topic.

26 January 2007

The Green River Killer

Info and (negative) review of pretty standard tv-style movie "The Riverman" about the hunt for the real Green River Killer.

20 January 2007

A serial killer of serial killers?

Mixed reviews for "Suspect Zero" with Ben Kingsley and Carrie-Anne Moss.

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