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May 2007

New single for The The!

Great singer Matt Johnson make a brilliant return on the musical scene with a new single, available on his website for a free 1 minute long listening! (IT>ENG by Google)

March 2007

Grinderman and Apostle of Hustle

Review about the latest works of these bands and some others...

We used to vacation

Best lyrics ever regarding alcoholism. By Cold War Kids. Check it out.

The same drunken haze...

Here's what i think it's the best lyrics ever written by Marillion, really good at portraying a self destruction mode...

February 2007

HELLA: There is no 666 in outer space

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Positive review. Let's take a look (and listen to) this eclectic duo that recently became a quintet developing a very powerful and ipercinetic form of math-prog-rock with ultra-talented drummer Zach Hill always at the core of their compositions. IT>ENG by Google.

JEEG, heart and steel

A little trailer for new anime about the old robot glory Jeeg plus some info on music, books and movies. The Terror by Dan Simmons.


Positive review for this anthology of Luna (Dean Wareham, ex Galaxie 500): 10 years of great pop...

January 2007

Montezuma Booktrailer, At the Mountains of Madness mp3 (free), Illuminati comics and more....

Some links and info on where to find booktrailer for Montezuma Airbag Your Pardon, the free online drama for At The Mountains of Madness (from HPL notorious novel) and basic info on the Illuminati twist in Marvel Civil War saga...

POST WAR by M. Ward

Positive review for this wonderful work of M. Ward that mixes rock, blues, folk, country and much more in a series of great songs.

Join Dan Sartain

Quick review of Dan Sartain's recent and good album "Join" where he mixes rock, punk, rockabilly,tex/mex, blues and many other genres. IT>ENG by google.

Melvins: A Senile Animal

After more than 20 years on stage this american band can still deliver some astounding heavy and powerful music, from grunge to stoner rock trough sludge metal. Check out review of their latest effort "A senile animal". Translations provided.

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