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April 2007

Calvaire (aka The Ordeal)

Great survivalist-horror from Belgium with gifted and talented movie-maker Fabrice Du Welz who shoots a desperate descent into the nightmare of the human minds

February 2007

Band of children from the sewer stalks and kills mother and her daughter.

And that's only the beginning of what happens in ILS (THEM), a wonderfully crafted masterpiece of suspense and violent action. Lensed in Romania by some french filmakers, you can find it in any video store!IT>ENG by Google.

January 2007

Nice holiday in Brazil turns into organ theft nightmare!

Really negative review for boring movie "Turistas", a Hostel-like story that never deliver.

December 2006


A brief overview based on a poll regarding the best (and worst) horror movies of this year. Some titles may surprise you. Detailed results on end of page. Translation button included on top/right of page.