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April 2007

The Abandoned (2006)

Strange and morbid ghost story shot by spanish moviemaker Nacho Cerdà

March 2007

Dead Silence (2007)

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Mixed review for this movie with one of the creepiest doll i've ever seen. By the creators of the original SAW.

The Return (2006)

Boring flick with so and so Sarah Michelle Gellar who comes to terms with ghosts from her youth. IT>ENG by google

Eight haunted houses!

A brief overview of all the eight movies in the Amityville Horror saga, most of them worthless crap but some worth viewing.IT>ENG by google

Half light is half a movie!

Negative, really negative review for this boring supernatural thriller starring the still sexy Demi Moore.IT>ENG by google

February 2007

The Devil's Backbone.

After the great success of Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy, let's talk about a minor but still really beautiful film by Guillermo del Toro. Positive review for this chilling ghost story! IT>ENG by Google.

January 2007

Haunted boat kills six people in a row!

Very negative review of this shipwreck of a movie about six teen agers going on an haunted boat for a scary week end.

Strange killings every 22 of May near an abandoned prison

That's what happens in "Dark Remains", a new movie from talented filmaker Brian Avenet-Bradley, who mix ghost story with serial killer to obtain an enjoyable horror flick. Partially shooted in a real prison.

December 2006

Ghost Rider VS Mephisto, vengeance against Evil itself...

Second and last part of the article about imminent movie about Ghost Rider, with Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes.