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May 2007

Ghost Son

Really poor movie by ex horror master and Italian filmmaker Lamberto Bava. A pity and a shame for all of us Italian horror fans.(IT>ENG by Google)

March 2007

Omen 666

Review of the Omen remake, inferior to the original but with some pretty and chilly visuals in it. IT>ENG by Google

Dead Silence (2007)

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Mixed review for this movie with one of the creepiest doll i've ever seen. By the creators of the original SAW.


All you really got to know about the new movie by Tarantino and Rodriguez, even what kind of cars were used in the shots! Check it out!

Dario Argento's new movie: The Third Mother

Everything you have to know about the third episode in the Maters storyline, after Suspiria and Inferno. Be prepared for Mater Lachrymarum!IT>ENG by google

A mess of an Hitcher

Awful, totally awful remake of the cult classic The Hitcher. Negative review for this poor mess of a film.With Sean Bean instead than Rutger Hauer. IT>ENG by google

Hills Have Eyes 2

Second part of the special article about the sequel of Hills have eyes, now the spotlight is on Wes Craven and the monster-makers of KNB SFX.IT>ENG by google

Eight haunted houses!

A brief overview of all the eight movies in the Amityville Horror saga, most of them worthless crap but some worth viewing.IT>ENG by google

Half light is half a movie!

Negative, really negative review for this boring supernatural thriller starring the still sexy Demi Moore.IT>ENG by google

The rise and fall of the slasher film

Great documentary that in about an hour and a half sums up pretty much everything you have to know about the slasher genre. With lots of interview (Carpenter, Craven, Savini...) and curiosities.IT>ENG by google

Amityville Horror 2006

Negative review for this boring remake of an horror cult classic. Starring the beautiful and sexy Melissa George (check her photos in the link with her name).IT>ENG by google

February 2007

Venezuelan guy inherit a whorehouse, transform it into a slaughterhouse and kills 18 girls.

In a crazy emulation of notorious serial killer Landru, this is the story told by recent spanish movie "H6:Diary of a serial killer", a tad too long but graphically wonderful tale by young filmmaker Martín Garrido Barón. IT>ENG by GoogleT.

What if all the children of the world would go in a coma all together?

And then wake up ten years after with a killer instinct against adult people? That's what happens in The Plague, a movie produced by horror vet Clive Barker, with James Van Der Beek among the actors.IT>ENG by Google.

Red Riding Hood

Great new and sexy artwork from talented illustrator Jason Beam. Plus negative reviews for Cherry Falls and Open Waters 2: Adrift.

"The Messengers" doesn't deliver

Negative review for this new gothic thriller produced by Sam Raimi and directed by the Pang brothers...IT>ENG by Google.

Boring and pointless HOSTEL.

Let's take some steps back and talk about one of the more overrated movie in recent horror flood. Eli Roth and his Hostel deliver only boredom and weak sex or violence.

January 2007

The Descent

Let's take a look back at this modern masterpiece of horror cinema. Positive review for the 2005 Neil Marshall's movie.

Jeepers Creepers 3? When will it come?

While we are waiting, let's take a deep look at the second episode with this ultra-positive review, almost an essay on it!

Haunted boat kills six people in a row!

Very negative review of this shipwreck of a movie about six teen agers going on an haunted boat for a scary week end.