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Terracotta propose une approchede clustering directement au niveau de la JVM. Open source, cette solution s'intègre au framework Spring.


PJL Compressing Filter

A J2EE servlet filter which compresses data written to the response. It supports several algorithms (gzip, deflate, etc.) and emphasizes minimal memory usage and high throughput. Also provides detailed performance stats.

Core J2EE Patterns - Data Access Object

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Access to data varies depending on the source of the data. Access to persistent storage, such as to a database, varies greatly depending on the type of storage (relational databases, object-oriented databases, flat files, and so forth) and the vendor implementation.

J2EE[tm] Design Patterns > Design Patterns Catalog

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Each pattern in this catalog includes sample code from JavaTM BluePrints reference applications such as the Java Pet Store sample application.


AndroMDA par la pratique

Guide d'utilisation de l'outil opensource AndroMDA permettant de générer une application en utilisant le paradigme MDA.


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AndroMDA (prononcé Andromeda) est un framework de génération extensible qui adhère au paradigme MDA. Les modèles UML sont transformés sur des plateformes techniques (J2EE, Spring, .NET). AndroMDA fournit des cartouches pour Axis, jBPM, Struts, JSF, Spring et Hibernate.

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Cours, resources, tutoriels sur les technologies JSP, Servlet, Jakarta Struts, JSF, & Java.

Server Side : Enterprise Java Community

Articles, news, white papers et discussion autour du monde Java et en particulier des serveurs d'application.

Java Server Faces Resources

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Nombreux Articles, FAQs, Tutoriels sur les Java Server Pages (JSF)

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