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JPA implementation patterns: Service Facades and Data Transfers Objects

In my previous blog on JPA implementation patterns, I touched upon the subject of the DTO and Service Facade patterns. In this blog I will explore why we would even need such patterns and put these patterns and the DAO pattern into the broader context of JPA application architecture.

Mocking : is there a difference between asking and telling?

Article expliquant en quoi librairie Mockito fait bien la différence entre les indirect input et les indirect output.

2008 Three Rules for Effective Exception Handling

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Article intéressant sur la gestion des exceptions. Les commentaires ajoutent de nombreux liens : "Best Practices in EJB Exception Handling" "Best Practices for Exception Handling" "Designing with Exceptions" "Exceptions in Java" "Exceptional Practices, Part 1" "Exceptional Practices, Part 2" "When catching exceptions, don't cast your net too wide" "Use nested exceptions" "Beware the dangers of generic exceptions"



Object Mentor - Teaching best practices

Nombreux articles couvrant la conception d'application orientées objets.

JSF for nonbelievers: the JSF application lifecycle

Walk through the 6 phases of JSF's request processing lifecycle.

Server Side : Enterprise Java Community

Articles, news, white papers et discussion autour du monde Java et en particulier des serveurs d'application.


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Portail tournant autour des technologies microsoft : Visual C++, C#, .NET et proposant articles, sources ...

Java Server Faces Resources

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Nombreux Articles, FAQs, Tutoriels sur les Java Server Pages (JSF)

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