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Finding freelance jobs: 6 sites for talented techies | ITworld

Here we look at 6 services that promise to help you put a little cash in your pocket. You'll learn how the services work, what skills are in demand, how much you can expect to earn, and you'll get the inside scoop from freelancers who use these services.

Domain-Driven Design: What Is It?

Design model that abstracts language from implementation. Combines several design methodologies into one.


Advogato: Blurring of MVC lines: Programming the Web Browser.

This article outlines how the MVC concept is made incredibly awkward by the gradual but necessary introduction of Javascript and AJAX. A solution is found in the form of Javascript Compiler Technology such as GWT or Pyjamas (PyPy's JS backend or Rb2Js could be used, with some additional work). The article outlines how and why the traditional MVC patterns are fragmented by Javascript and AJAX, advocating that if a site is programmed purely in a high-level language that is then compiled to Javascript for the Web Browser sections, the same high-level source code can be executed either client-side on the browser, or server-side, or even both, depending on the requirements. The implications of this approach are discussed in depth.

Introduction to Functional Programming in C#.

With the release of the 3.5 framework, we have a completely different coding style available (functional programming). We could actually do functional programming in the 2.0 framework, but the resulting code was ugly and hard to understand at a glance and thus hard to maintain. Now, with lambda method syntax and extension methods, we can produce very human-readable code written in a functional style.


Implementing Caching in ASP.NET

For more scalable web apps in .Net

FileHelpers Library 1.6.0 - Marcos Meli

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Component that allows you to easily read comma delimited files



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