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Identify SQL Server Hardware Bottlenecks

Performance counters for diagnosing SQL Server


Maximilian Beller's Blog

Performance comparison between Linq, NHibernate and ADO.NET / Stored Procedures


.NET Data Access Performance Comparison: ASP Alliance

In .NET, there are several ways to extract data from a data source. The two most common techniques using ADO.NET involve the use of the DataReader or the filling of a DataSet or DataTable with a DataAdapter. In this article, a very easy-to-reproduce set of tests is analyzed to determine which techniques performs the fastest. Further, additional variables such as N-Tier architecture and the effects of caching on the results are considered. Finally, I recommend some best practices based on the results

15 Seconds : Tuning Up ADO.NET Connection Pooling in ASP.NET Applications

Opening a database connection is a resource intensive and time consuming operation. Connection pooling increases the performance of Web applications by reusing active database connections instead of creating a new connection with every request. Connection pool manager maintains a pool of open database connections. When a new connection requests come in, the pool manager checks if the pool contains any unused connections and returns one if available. If all connections currently in the pool are busy and the maximum pool size has not been reached, the new connection is created and added to the pool. When the pool reaches its maximum size all new connection requests are being queued up until a connection in the pool becomes available or the connection attempt times out.

A Performance Comparison of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with Existing Distributed Communication Technologies

This article provides a high-level performance comparison between Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and existing Microsoft .NET distributed communication technologies.

Code profiling, memory profiling, .NET profiler - ANTS Profiler

Identify performance bottlenecks quickly and easily Optimize memory usage and locate memory leaks Visual Studio integration with context sensitivity Download file includes FREE Visual Studio Add-in


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