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BgPatterns — Background Patterns Maker

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BgPatterns is a tiny web app for making background patterns in a few clicks. It was created mostly for fun and experimentation by Sergii Iavorskyi.


Graph API Overview - Facebook Developers


wrock::blog | The Perfect Build Part 3: Continuous Integration with and NANT for Visual Studio Projects

A couple months after migrating to subversion, we took another significant step to improve our build process by setting up a continuous integration server using and NANT. As explained in the previous post in this blog series, our new SVN repository structure supported a clear separation of development, staging and production environments. Now we needed something to assist in making sure that commits and changes to the repository resulted in actual builds being generated on the appropriate server.


What to do if your cloud provider disappears | ITworld

as well as use hundreds of applications written to Salesforce's API via the Apex development language. However, this highly proprietary model means customers can run only (including any customization they have done to the pages they use within the application) on the Salesforce platform.


Comparing ASP.NET Web Services to WCF Based on Development

Outlines the basic differences between the two. Gives a developer a better idea of when to use WCF and when not to.

Instrumentation: Powerful Instrumentation Options in .NET Let You Build Manageable Apps with Confidence

Instrumentation allows you to determine the running state of a system once it has been deployed. This is crucially important today since the people supporting systems are unlikely to be the same people who developed them. Like good error handling, instrumentation is best done at development time. A sound instrumentation policy must be established at the beginning of the development process to determine what should be instrumented, why, where, and how.

The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

In this tutorial we'll start from the very beginning and create the Data Access Layer (DAL), using typed DataSets, to access the information in a database.

ASP.NET MVC : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

ASP.NET MVC provides a framework that enables you to easily implement the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern for Web applications. This pattern lets you separate applications into loosely coupled, pluggable components for application design, processing logic, and display.

Releasing the Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries - ScottGu's Blog

One of the things my team has been working to enable has been the ability for .NET developers to download and browse the source code of the .NET Framework libraries, and to easily enable debugging support in them. Today I'm excited to announce that we'll be providing this with the .NET 3.5 and VS 2008 release later this year.

.NET Web Product Roadmap (ASP.NET, Silverlight, IIS7) - ScottGu's Blog

Over the next few months we'll be delivering a series of additional products that build on top of this VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 foundation, and make .NET development even better.

Web Service Software Factory

The Web Service Software Factory (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of tools, patterns, source code and prescriptive guidance. It is designed to help you quickly and consistently construct Web services that adhere to well known architecture and design patterns.

Service Station: WCF Messaging Fundamentals

Since the early days of XML, the software industry has relied on a little-known specification that provides a standard definition for the data found in an XML document. This specification, referred to as the XML Information Set (InfoSet), defines elements and attributes in terms of the information they contain, in a way that's completely independent of the byte representation.

Charlie Calvert's Community Blog : LINQ and Deferred Execution

This post covers one of the most important and frequently misunderstood LINQ features. Understanding deferred execution is a rite of passage that LINQ developers must undergo before they can hope to harness the full power of this technology. The contents of this post assumes an intermediate understanding of LINQ.

Introduction to Functional Programming in C#.

With the release of the 3.5 framework, we have a completely different coding style available (functional programming). We could actually do functional programming in the 2.0 framework, but the resulting code was ugly and hard to understand at a glance and thus hard to maintain. Now, with lambda method syntax and extension methods, we can produce very human-readable code written in a functional style.

Ten reasons to rethink your career as a developer - ZDNet UK

People give a variety of reasons for choosing a career as a software developer: they say programmers make big money; they can dress casually every day of the week; and that anyone can teach themselves to be a programmer.

A Performance Comparison of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with Existing Distributed Communication Technologies

This article provides a high-level performance comparison between Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and existing Microsoft .NET distributed communication technologies.

ASP.NET & Windows Forms UI controls and components and Reporting solution

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Telerik is a leading vendor of User Interface (UI) components for ASP.NET and Windows Forms, and .NET Reporting solutions. Building on our expertise in interface development and Microsoft technologies, Telerik helps customers build applications with unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity. Created with passion, Telerik products help thousands of developers every day to be more productive and deliver reliable applications under budget and on time.

11 Visual Studio 2005 IDE Tips and Tricks to Make You a More Productive Developer » Chinh Do

Here are my top 11 tips and tricks for getting things done faster with the Visual Studio 2005 IDE (without using third-party add-ins or upgrading hardware… that’s another article). Yes, some of these tips and tricks may fall into the "obvious" category, but I think they are worth repeating. I continue to see too many .NET developers not taking advantage of even the basic time-saving techniques.

Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail | Main / HomePage browse

The goal of the Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) Organization is to use non-proprietary information technology (IT) standards as a catalyst in fulfilling the business information needs of dealers and manufacturers while reducing the time and effort required to support related activities. - Browser Archive

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Old browsers for testing of web apps

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