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February 2007

Vertical Centering in CSS

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Yuhu's Definitive Solution with Unknown Height

January 2007

POMPAGE - Design de poche : Porter votre site web au petit écran

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Design de poche : Porter votre site web au petit écran

Les liens d'évitement - Alsacréations

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L'article de Jean-Pierre fait le tour de ce concept de liens d'évitement : leur historique, leur mise en place concrète, leurs bénéfices apportés.

Forming Effective CSS Classes & IDs at SixThings

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If you’ve ever had trouble establishing a naming standard for your CSS classes, or if you work closely with a developer who demands uniformity when assigning IDs elements, here are some conventions (as well as some of my personal preferences on usage) that should help you form effective, easy-to-remember and predictable names.

CSS First-Aid for IE Peekaboo Bug at SixThings

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That annoying IE peekaboo bug just doesn’t know when to stop. Apparently, even IE7 exhibits this bug, and it appears to be worse than its predecessor.

DOMTool | Muffin Research Labs by Stuart Colville

A nice utility that takes HTML as an input and outputs the correct DOM methods for inserting that content into a document.

Safari CSS Hack | Articles | iBloom Studios

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Although I don't condone the use of CSS hacks, I know that someone may find this useful. I haven't seen this hack (or any Safari hack) before, so I decided to put it out there.

December 2006

Adobe - CSS Advisor beta

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A new service by Adobe that lets you find solutions to CSS and browser compatibility issues.

November 2006

October 2006

HTML Purifier

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HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP.

Web design for the Sony PSP

This article is an introduction to designing and building web pages for the Sony PSP. We'll be looking at the browser's main features, outlining its support for various web technologies, and demonstrating a range of useable techniques and hacks.

September 2006

Paris Web 2006 c'est fini !

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Des orateurs de qualités, des sujets très intéressants et bien sûr énormément de personnalités de la blogosphère française.

Methods for Containing Floats

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Floating elements within a container can be frustrating if the container has a background image, colour or borders.

Javascript inheritance for AJAX

Introducing the best Javascript Inheritance Technique

How to correctly insert a Flash into XHTML » La Trine

by 5 others
Although flash is the most spread active element of webpages, a lot of designers still don't know the correct way to insert it into HTML document.. The standard concept, advertised by Macromedia is absolutely unusable.

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