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July 2008

Understanding dynamic business workflows part 1

Inversion of Control (IoC) and Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL) can be effective tools for implementing dynamic business workflows. In this article, learn business workflows' dynamic nature and proposes a two-layer workflow model that lets you use XML to build configurable and flexible solutions.

February 2008

Protecting JSF applications with Acegi

This article first explains the features Acegi provides for this purpose and dispels some common misconceptions about using Acegi with JSF, then presents a simple web.xml file that you can use to deploy Acegi to secure a JSF application.

January 2008

Scala presents functional programming for the object oriented

The Java platform has historically been the province of object-oriented programming, but even Java language stalwarts are starting to pay attention to the latest old-is-new trend in application development: functional programming. Get introduced to Scala, a programming language that combines functional and object-oriented techniques for the JVM.

October 2007

Introducing the Dump Analyzer for Java

The IBM Dump Analyzer for Java is a tool that performs basic analysis against a formatted system dump and produces a concise report indicating what it thinks your next course of action should be. Cut through endless dump files to get to the heart of the problem.

September 2007

Isn’t it time you learned how to JBehave?

Test-driven development is a great idea in practice, but some developers just can't get over the conceptual leap associated with that word test. Get started with behavior-driven development (BDD) (via JBehave) and see for yourself what happens when you focus on program behaviors, rather than outcomes.

Google Web Toolkit’s JavaScript Native Interface

This four-part series demonstrates how to use the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and XForms together to create a dynamic Web application. It takes a look at some of the underpinnings of each technology, examining the common ground between them that will allow for their peaceful coexistence. This will lay the foundation for developing a Web application that uses both GWT and XForms together.

August 2007

Source Code Management with Rational ClearCase

Solutions including IBM Rational ClearQuest for System i and IBM Rational ClearCase for System i provide a strategic advantage over competitive offerings for managing software resources and application development processes. Find out the most useful Software Change Management (SCM) solutions for source code management.

July 2007

Reuse your software assests with Rational Asset Manager pt. 1

Rational Asset Manager helps improve individual and team productivity and accelerate project delivery by enabling you to modify, govern, find and facilitate reuse of any type of development assets, including SOA and systems development assets.

Leverage Nagios with plug-ins you write

Nagios is open source monitoring software that scans hosts, services, and networks for problems. Learn more about Nagios and find out what new system monitoring possibilities exist with this software.

Reuse of software with Rational Asset Manager pt.2

With initiatives like SOA and pattern based development, being able to define, locate, and easily adopt reusable assets into your projects becomes essential. Check out the first part of the series.

Evaluate IBM Rational Build Forge Online

You can now evaluate Rational Build Forge V7.0 without installing or configuring it on your own system! Visit developerWorks to learn more about this product and register to explore its capabilities online.

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