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WebKit Has Implemented srcset, And It's A Good Thing

As originally proposed, the srcset attribute allowed developers to specify a list of sources for an image attribute, to be delivered based on the pixel density of the user’s display


irefrAdobe Proto app - A new touch app that makes wames and prototypes

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a new Adobe Touch App, lets you create interactive prototypes of websites and mobile apps on your tablet. Communicate and share ideas with teams and clients using a touch-based interface.

The Responsinator

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Websites für mobile Geräte testen – Display and present responsive web designs

Websites für verschiedene Geräte/Auflösungen testen


10 praktische Tipps für die Entwicklung von responsive Webdesigns

Im fol­genden Artikel habe ich daher 10 nütz­liche Tipps und Tricks zusam­men­ge­stellt, die bei der Entwicklung von responsive Webdesigns hilf­reich sein können.

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