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Ramjet makes it looks as though one DOM element is capable of transforming into another, no matter where the two elements sit in the DOM tree. It does so by making copies of the two elements (and all their children), setting a fixed position on each, then using CSS transforms to morph the two elements in sync.



Font‑To‑Width does not scale the font-size. Instead, it chooses a width or weight variant according to what fits best, and then allows for letter- and word-spacing adjustments as needed.


Einfaches Dropdown oder elegantes Styling

Eine moderne Website berücksichtigt mobile Endgeräte. In vielen Fällen setzen Webworker dafür auf CSS3-Media-Queries, bekannt unter dem Begriff »Responsive Design«. Auch die Navigation wäre einfach mit CSS zu gestalten, gäbe es da nicht das Problem mit der Hover-Funktion auf Touchscreen-Geräten.

Conditionizr: the conditional free legacy, retina, touch, script and style loader

Conditionizr is a fast and lightweight (3KB) javascript utility that detects browser vendor - touch features and retina displays - allowing you to serve conditional JavaScript and CSS files.

Anima — CSS animations with a soul

With Anima it’s easy to animate over a hundred objects at a time.



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Prism is a new lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter, built with modern web standards in mind. It’s a spin-off from Dabblet and is tested there daily by thousands.

Roundup of HTML-Based Slide Deck Toolkits

Slideshows und Präsentationen mit CSS und Javascript


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