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Gallery CSS

css slider ohne script


Media Mogul (HTML5 Audio/Video) |

Media Mogul serves to be a front end HTML 5 media feature package. Allowing you to get up and running with audio, video and itunes podcasting with click or two.



The HTML5 meter Element | CSS-Tricks

Fortschrittsbalken in html

Musical Keyboard - JS Dynamic Audio Synth

This keyboard works by generating Waveform Audio file data dynamically, converting it into a base64-encoded dataURI, and subsequently playing it using the HTML5 audio element from within your web browser. Basically, we're using math to make sounds. Hooray. This is different than other HTML5 pianos in that it doesn't use pre-recorded audio files, and that it's a little bit more refined.

WebKit Has Implemented srcset, And It's A Good Thing

As originally proposed, the srcset attribute allowed developers to specify a list of sources for an image attribute, to be delivered based on the pixel density of the user’s display

Everest: Rivers of Ice

Panoramabilder des Himalayas in hoher Auflösung

“Right click and save as” needs to go away

The download attribute is supported in Chrome 14+ and Firefox 20+

The HTML5 test

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Blink, Webkit, Apple, Google, Safari, Chrome


HTML5 Video: A/V Formats

Seite mit Testmatrix, sieht man gleich was der Browser abspielt und was nicht.

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