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September 2007


by 1 other has just completed the first of a three part MAJOR SITE OVERHAUL! New features completed include the new flash player with send to friend features, the addition of blogs, articles, news, music videos and membership registration. We've also added over 14,000 NEW video clips within the last 30 days including the best of MTV, VH1, NBC, ABC, ESPN, SPIKE TV, BET, COMEDY CENTRAL and more..

November 2006

October 2006

Vision Research

Note: These movies are all taken with Phantom high-speed cameras. They have been greatly reduced in resolution and compressed in size so we can show them to you on the web. Movie quality directly from the camera is superior to what you will see here.

September 2006

August 2006

VideoSift: The Best of Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Vimeo, Grouper and iFilm

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Welcome to VideoSift, a community driven clearinghouse for the best in web video

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