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February 2007

Tutorials on Microformats

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Microformats enable you to enrich your web pages (HTML, XHTML, RSS, Atom, Blog, XML). They don't affect how your web pages are rendered by a browser. But they have a huge (positive) impact on the ability of web tools to collect, understand, and process the information in your web pages. Microformats are tiny bits of information injected into web pages. When you add together the tiny bits of information over thousands or millions of web pages, you have a mountain of valuable information that can help with searching, understanding, and processing the web. There is a growing collection of microformats. I have created tutorials on the core microformats (as of early 2007).

December 2006

Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Operator

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Today Mozilla Labs is releasing Operator, a microformat detection extension developed by Michael Kaply at IBM. Operator demonstrates the usefulness of semantic information on the Web, in real world scenarios.

October 2006

Why Microformats - Introduction to Microformats

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Microformats are small and gentle syntactic touch-ups for your web pages.

rel-lint lint tool / validator for XFN, rel-tag and stuff -

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This is a lint tool (like a non-authoritative validator) for XFN, rel-tag and other microformats that make use of the rel attribute of links. It takes the form of a bookmarklet you can add to your browser and then run against any page. rel-lint will check for known XFN values, flag values it doesn't recognise (even though they may well be correct) and display the tag values for rel-tagged links.

September 2006

Questions / réponses sur les Microformats

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Les microformats sont de simples conventions pour incorporer une syntaxe sémantique pour un domaine spécifique dans des documents (X)HTML/XML documents lisibles par des humains, des fils Atom/RSS et du XML “clair” qui normalisent les modèles existants d’usages des contenus en utilisant des noms de classes brefs et descriptifs souvent basées sur des standards existants interopérables pour permettre un développement décentralisé de ressources, outils et services.

Main Page-fr - Microformats

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Dans notre liste de discussion, nous définissons généralement les Microformats comme étant "des conventions simples embarquant des éléments de sémantique dans le XHTML afin de permettre un développement décentralisé".

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