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21 scripts Javascript pour l'intégrateur HTML et CSS

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Les bibliothèques Javascript — comme jQuery et la myriade de plugins qui l’accompagne — facilitent la vie des développeurs web en leur permettant de manipuler le DOM les mains dans les poches. Toutefois, il est toujours bon d’avoir quelques fonctions standalone sous la souris pour se faciliter l’intégration cross-browser ! Voici une sélection de 21 scripts pour faire face à toutes les situations (ou presque)


DOMTab - Navigation tabs with CSS and DOMscripting

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DOMtab is a JavaScript that turns a list of links connected to content sections into a tab interface. The script removes any "back to top" links in the section and automatically hides all but the first one when the page is loaded. You can use as many tabbed menus on the page as you want to.

XML Transformations with CSS and DOM

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This article demonstrates how to render XML in the browser with a minimum of CSS and JavaScript. The examples that follow were written for and tested with Mozilla 1.0 for Mac OS X and Windows 2000. This article is not a comprehensive tutorial on DOM, CSS, or XML, and a basic understanding of each of these technologies is required.

<select> Something New Part 1

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So you’ve built a beautiful, standards-compliant site utilizing the latest and greatest CSS techniques. You’ve mastered control of styling every element, but in the back of your mind, a little voice is nagging you about how ugly your selects are. Well, today we’re going to explore a way to silence that little voice and truly complete our designs. With a little DOM scripting and some creative CSS, you too can make your selects beautiful… and you won’t have to sacrifice accessibility, usability or graceful degradation. By Aaron Gustafson


Web Developer's Handbook

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Ressources en tout genre sur les technologies web.

Web Browser Standards Support

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Tableau comparitif de l'implémentation des technologies Internet dans les 3 principaux navigateurs (IE, Firefox et Opera).