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18 July 2014 19:00 - The Ultimate Datasheet Library

by plooki
DatasheetLib: A Massive Library To Find & Download Any Datasheets

18 July 2014 16:00

The Early Edition

by gregg
Wake up informed and entertained by listening to the news, weather, trivia and music in your own personalized audio stream, read out by AI voices from the future. The Early Edition is much more than an alarm. It's a beautiful, new way to wake up.

18 July 2014 15:00

18 July 2014 14:00

Twitter / ashk4n : Wow - NYTimes providing ...

by gregg
NYTimes providing criminally bad email encryption advice

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Promoting modern websites for modern devices in Google search results

by night.kame & 2 others

Fortunately, making websites that work on all modern devices is not that hard: websites can use HTML5 since it is universally supported, sometimes exclusively, by all devices.

Google n'est jamais meilleur que dans le bullshit. En même temps, c'est un peu leur cœur de métier.

18 July 2014 13:00

by manu & 2 others is a webshop/typefoundry that provides motion designers, video-editors and others in the field of the moving image with animated typefaces.

18 July 2014 12:00

Seelenkiste - allergutendinge

by sbrothier
„...You must recover your awareness of the physical world. Architecture may be a tool to emphasize our senses and sharpen our consciousness of reality, which tends to be erased by speed and over-information.“

18 July 2014 11:00

Benefits of Having a Nurse at Home For Your Mother Recovering From a Major Heart Surgery

by rohansinha
She recently underwent a major heart surgery. She is out of danger now. But, she will take a couple of week (or probably, a few months) to recover and become her usual self. Though you'd do anything in this world for her, but the bitter truth is you have a job and you can't stay at home for long.

Medical Fellowship Courses - Where To Look For The Best Ones?

by rohansinha
Learning is a lifelong journey, and we all should look at it as a wonderful tool to better our skills. One such example is medical fellowship courses that you can take to hone your skills in a particular medical sub-speciality such as minimally invasive surgery and interventional cardiology.

18 July 2014 10:00

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Promoting modern websites for modern devices in Google search results

by srcmax & 2 others
Starting today in our English search results in the US, we will indicate to searchers when our algorithms detect pages that may not work on their devices. For example, Adobe Flash is not supported on iOS devices or on Android versions 4.1 and higher, and a page whose contents are mostly Flash may be noted like this

Human Data

by gregg
Human helps people move almost twice as much in six weeks. Every day, people track millions of activities with our app. We visualized 7.5 Million miles of activity in major cities all across the globe to get an insight into Human activity. Walking, running, cycling, and motorized transportation data tell us different stories.

18 July 2014 09:00

18 July 2014 08:00

18 July 2014 07:00

Mathematics makes strong case that “snoopy2” can be just fine as a password | Ars Technica

by sbrothier
Reusing weaker passwords in some cases can improve security, researchers say.

18 July 2014 04:00

http-headers-status-v3 - HTTP

by dzc & 1 other
an activity diagram to describe the resolution of the response status code, given various headers