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22 June 2015 13:00

Status reporting your team will love | WorkingOn

by gregg
Status reporting your team will love. Save time, increase productivity, and motivate your team.


by fabiolik
Avec 15 ans d’expérience en tant qu’indépendant, au sein d’agences web et auprès de l’annonceur, j'interviens à chaque étape de l’expérience utilisateur. Webdesign et gestion de sites internet Infographie Photographie

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22 June 2015 07:00

GitFlow considered harmful

by Spone (via)
GitFlow is probably the most popular Git branching model in use today. It seems to be everywhere. It certainly is everywhere for me personally - practically every project at my current job uses it, and often it's the clients themselves who have chosen it. I remember reading the original GitFlow article back when it first came out. I was deeply unimpressed - I thought it was a weird, over-engineered solution to a non-existent problem. I couldn't see a single benefit of using such a heavy approach. I quickly dismissed the article and continued to use Git the way I always did (I'll describe that way later in the article). Now, after having some hands-on experience with GitFlow, and based on my observations of others using (or, should I say more precisely, trying to use) it, that initial, intuitive dislike has grown into a well-founded, experienced distaste. In this article I want to explain precisely the reasons for that distaste, and present an alternative way of branching which is superior, at least in my opinion, to GitFlow in every way.

GitLab Flow | GitLab

by Spone & 1 other
Version management with git makes branching and merging much easier than older versioning systems such as SVN. This allows a wide variety of branching strategies and workflows. Almost all of these are an improvement over the methods used before git. But many organizations end up with a workflow that is not clearly defined, overly complex or not integrated with issue tracking systems. Therefore we propose the GitLab flow as clearly defined set of best practices. It combines feature driven development and feature branches with issue tracking.

22 June 2015 06:00

Robbie Pearce | iOS Devices for

by sbrothier
Fully Scaleable Apple iOS Devices for

22 June 2015 05:00

Get secret PTV Sport Biss Key

by seohawks
You can get free and update secret PTV Sport Biss Key through which you can see free all sports event in allover the world.

Perth Painters

by seohawks
To give a fresh look to the building either home, or office, you have to paint it. Both exteriors and interiors of the building need to be painted after some years. The painters in Perth offer the services of commercial as well as residential painting.

21 June 2015 19:00

21 June 2015 18:00

Smartphone Customise

by Diaz06
Smartphone Customise est un site internet qui va vous aider à personnaliser votre smartphone. Vous pourrez tout apprendre sur les applications, les jeux ou encore les sonneries.

21 June 2015 15:00

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21 June 2015 09:00

QuaggaJS is a barcode-scanne rentirely written in JavaScript

by phptn
QuaggaJS is a barcode-scanner entirely written in JavaScript supporting real- time localization and decoding of various types of barcodes such as EAN, CODE 128, CODE 39, EAN 8, UPC-A, UPC-C and CODABAR. The library is also capable of using getUserMedia to get direct access to the user's camera stream. Although the code relies on heavy image-processing even recent smartphones are capable of locating and decoding barcodes in real-time.

21 June 2015 08:00

How Kelly Tan Creates Incredible Artwork With Her iPhone

by bouilloire
Et dire qu'il faut un téléphone pour faire ça

21 June 2015 07:00