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30 July 2014 09:00

Southside Stories

by gregg
Within a generation, the NYC neighborhood of Williamsburg has drastically changed. Southside Stories is a guided walking audio tour featuring newcomers and long-term residents who share their thoughts on the community’s past, present and future. Participants get an opportunity to see the neighborhood from a different perspective and walk in the shoes of another person and ultimately empathize with their experiences.

Loves of a Cyclops

by gregg
Here's a beautiful, simple branching narrative project called Loves of a Cyclops. Created on a very limited budget the project features lovely aesthetics and a comprehensive site with lots of story bits and pieces to explore.

29 July 2014 18:00

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29 July 2014 14:00

#1 Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugin for WordPress | Visual Composer

by srcmax
Buy Visual Composer on CodeCanyon and take full control over your WordPress site with our premium Frontend and Backend plugin. Build any layout you can imagine with drag and drop page builder plugin – no programming knowledge required.

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28 July 2014 14:00

Avis : le poker en règle avec la loi

by valery (via)
La loi sur les sites de poker est radicale et n'oublie de classer le site de poker parmis les plus sécurisés d'internet avec un avis postif.

28 July 2014 13:00

28 July 2014 12:00