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01 March 2006 14:15 - Barbarians Inside the Gate

by Mumvy
In life, Ilan Halimi sold cellular phones on a boulevard named after Voltaire, off a square dedicated to la République. He was an ordinary young Frenchman, except for one thing; he was Jewish, which got him killed. So in death, after 25 days of torture

Sparkline PHP Graphing Library

by bicou
Sparklines are "intense, simple, wordlike graphics"


by Pete & 9 others
Service for redirecting your feeds to your IM client, mobile phone or email account. Rasasa can use your IM presence to see if you are online - if not, it delivers the message in another way depending on your filter settings. Personally, I find I'm overloaded with information right now as it is - receiving alerts via IM and my phone seems like another source of stress. However, it's an extremely well put together service and I'm sure some users will find it useful.

01 March 2006 14:00

ヤフー、日本でも「Yahoo! 360?」を開始してSNSに本格参入 - CNET Japan

by vista
ヤフーは2月28日、ブログとソーシャルネットワーキングサービス(SNS)を組み合わせた新コミュニケーションサービス「Yahoo! 360°」(ベータ版)を開始した。米Yahoo!では、すでに2005年3月29日から開始されているベータサービスだ。