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19 April 2016

Facebook Employees Asked Mark Zuckerberg If They Should Try to Stop a Donald Trump Presidency 

by bouilloire
Bloquer Trump et continuer à ne rien dire sur la propagande djihadiste parce que ça n'enfreint pas la politique du site, ça serait un peu fort de café quand même.

18 April 2016

Site internet plus rapide

by Altipiano
Des conseils pour améliorer la vitesse de votre site internet et également son référencement

Coelux Artificial Skylight

by sbrothier
This is just brilliant, Coelux is an Italian company that make artificial windows and skylights that mimic the true effect of natural sunlight and the sky, you won´t believe it isn´t real!  Designed for gloomy interior spaces, the high-tech light system uses Nanotechnology, and not only mimics the color temperature, it mimics the quality of daylight, it looks so real even a camera will be tricked. The creator’s claim the system is so effective that it tricks unknowing individuals into thinking they are looking up an actual hole in the ceiling, and at the actual sun. The entire system is incorporated into an elaborate false ceiling that is only a few millimeters thick, you can choose from a wall mounted window that produces a warm, grazing light, or a skylight which presents a 45 degree light designed to offer a balance of light and shadow. It recreates the experience of sun and sky and brings the outside world inside. Check out below some more photos of interior spaces illuminated by this faux sunlight, or watch the video for a better explanation on how the innovative system works.

17 April 2016

16 April 2016

Interview with Bob Yannes

by sylvainulg
Can you give us a short overview of the SIDs internal architecture ?

Comment fonctionne Crisp

by NiMe
Crisp est une entreprise suédoise de consultants en développement logiciel et en agilité dont le blog regorge d'articles intéressants sur ces domaines. Ce lien explique le mode de fonctionnement de Crisp, son organisation, etc ...


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