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12 August 2014 08:00

On a fact-checké les fact-checkeurs !

by bouilloire
De quoi en perdre son latin

12 August 2014 06:00

Les Inrocks - Renault, Perrier, Eden Park: les pubs sont-elles volontairement sexistes?

by bouilloire
Et on en revient toujours à la conclusion desprogienne : « On peut rire de tout, mais pas avec tout le monde. »

11 August 2014 23:00

thedustwitch | the drowned site

by gregg
The following notes are about the Punchdrunk production ‘The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable’ that ran from July 2013 till July 2014. It’s a combination of my own writing and a collection of other people’s blogs and notes, edited and reworded, to create a straightforward summary of the show and each of the character loops.

nerve | go deep | go dark | go nerve

by gregg
We define success as sensation. We take space and use it. We make consensual art. Our audience is everywhere. nerve is an immersive theatre organization exploring new areas of performance experience, using words, movement, dance, puppetry. Any place can be a stage.

7 Companies Producing Groundbreaking Immersive Theater | Backstage

by gregg
From London to New York to Australia, “site-specific” theater companies are breaking down the fourth wall and reimagining the actor-audience relationship. Check out these seven companies creating groundbreaking immersive theater!

Dream Think Speak

by gregg
dreamthinkspeak is a leading producer of site responsive theatre, creating work in locations across Brighton, throughout the UK and around the World.

11 August 2014 22:00

Type we like | A typographic sketchbook

by gregg
The Best of Google Webfonts

11 August 2014 21:00

A Spacecraft for All: The Journey of the ISEE-3

by gregg & 1 other
This Chrome Experiment follows the unlikely odyssey of the ISEE-3, a spacecraft launched in 1978 to study the Sun, but better known for its amazing accomplishments beyond that original mission. “A Spacecraft for All” is an interactive documentary combining film and 3D graphics, allowing you to follow the spacecraft’s story as you trace it along its entire 36 year journey.

11 August 2014 17:00

foot stat fifa

by tyteu
sites web dédiés aux statistiques sur le football.

11 August 2014 16:00

11 August 2014 15:00

Balo ve Mezuniyet Elbise Modelleri – Gece Elbiseleri

by Modelimo
Gece elbiseleri. Gece Elbisesi Modelleri. Gece elbiseleri 2014 Modası. Balo ve Mezuniyet elbiseleri. Balo ve Mezuniyet elbise modelleri 2014. Bu yıl hangi gece, balo ve mezuniyet elbiseleri moda ?

11 August 2014 13:00

Using the Logitech C920 webcam with Gstreamer 1.2

by sylvainulg
It looks like we can also use the good old v4l2src to capture H.264 encoded streams from the Logitech C920:

Kraken Image Optimizer ·

by Spone
Kraken is a robust, ultra-fast image optimizer and compressor with best-in-class algorithms. We'll save you bandwidth and storage space and will dramatically improve your website’s load times.

JPEGmini - Your Photos on a Diet!

by Spone & 1 other
Reduce photo file size by up to 5x, without compromising quality

11 August 2014 12:00

Open Source Security: Denial of Service attacks on Apache CXF

by night.kame

CXF uses Woodstox by default as the StAX XML Processor.

Beauté de l'Open Source, une configuration documentée uniquement sur un article dans un blog, quelque part sur internet, et nulle part dans la documentation immédiate évidemment.

11 August 2014 11:00

11 August 2014 10:00