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How To Make A Coffee Machine Out Of Two Light Bulbs - Digg

by sbrothier
Mmm, tastes like shards of glass, with notes of aluminum!

18 May 2015 07:00

Lots of Words

by Stephane
A words search engine I just launched for crosswords and creative writing lovers.

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17 May 2015 20:00

Guardian Open Platform

by gregg
API access to the Guardian's journalism.

Silk - An all-purpose tool for data journalism

by gregg
With Silk, data journalism is easy. Go from spreadsheet to analysis to publish-ready visualizations in minutes.

Harvest of Change - Des Moines Register

by gregg
The farm family, with deep community roots and generations living close to the soil, finds itself at the center of profound demographic, technological, economic and environmental change. Over five days, meet four Iowa farm families navigating this changing world. And, in a journalistic first, step into the century-old Dammann farm through 360-degree video and virtual reality.

17 May 2015 19:00

À l'arraché

by gregg
Le webdoc de la vie ordinaire avec un handicap

17 May 2015 16:00

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by gregg
Glyph is a tool for generating seamlessly looping gifs from Youtube videos. Glyph helps you create evocative gifs with more editorial control than just choosing a clip start and end time:

Sons of Gallipoli

by gregg
While the story of Gallipoli has been told many times, never has it been told in such a rich and deeply immersive way. For the first time, the tragedy of Gallipoli is brought to life in a profoundly human way as two mothers imagine what it must have been like for other mothers, 100 years ago. Two women on opposite sides. So different. Yet each struggling to understand the meaning of war.

17 May 2015 09:00