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20 October 2016

Security research tool had security problem

by alamat (via)
Security researchers and the networks they rely on were at risk of breach by the hackers they investigate, thanks to now mitigated man-in-the-middle holes in a popular plugin for analysing debugger OllyDbg.

Kitecamp Mannar Island Adam's bridge Sri Lanka

by jinox
Vayu Resorts by KSL, kite surf camp in Mannar, north west coast of sri lanka. Opening in June 2017 and offering accommodation and kitesurf lessons on the ocean and mangrove from Talaimannar, in front of india. Perfect flat water spot, waist deep on more than 1 kilometer... Gread wind statistic during the high season, from June to October. Kitesurfing Mannar kitecamp is a great place for a beginner or advanced rider kite trip. Book now

Attaches tétines personnalisées - Pearls of Baby

by jinox
Découvrez les attaches tétines, attaches sucettes, accroches tétines, attaches doudou et peluches à personnaliser avec le prénom de bébé ou un texte libre sur le site de pearls of Baby. Des créations originales et artisanales réalisées avec amour par la créatrice Alexandra. Service de broderie et personnalisation d'objets pour bébé.

19 October 2016

Blumenversand Schweiz

by crypticcyco
Vergleich der beste Blumen Webseiten der Schweiz

How to stop brute force attacks against xmlrpc.php

by alamat (via)
According to Wikipedia, XML-RPC is a remote procedure call (RPC) protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism. “XML-RPC” also refers generically to the use of XML for remote procedure call, independent of the specific protocol. This article is about the protocol named “XML-RPC”.

Android Banking Trojan Asks for Selfie With Your ID

by alamat (via)
In the first half of 2016 we noticed that Android banking Trojans had started to improve their phishing overlays on legitimate financial apps to ask for more information.

TrickBot Banking Trojan Could Be Dyre Rewrite

by alamat
Despite the fact that the criminals allegedly behind the creation and distribution of the Dyre banking Trojan are in a Russian jail