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22 July 2014 14:00

22 July 2014 13:00

Webshell - The API Combinator

by Krome
Combine APIs easily in Javascript and create REST/JSON API on the fly.

The { } And

by gregg
A collaboration between millennial marketing agency Noise, a project called The Skin Deep, and director Topaz Adizes, The And explores relationships, communication, and how we connect to each other.

22 July 2014 12:00

22 July 2014 11:00


by NiMe
Kit de jeu pour enfants pour faire plein de choses

22 July 2014 10:00

Consultations d’Aménageurs – Episode 2 : la consultation sur charges foncières | Liaisons Urbaines

by XavierMilaret
série d'articles sur les concessions d'aménagement : aspects juridiques, simulation économiques, consultation et analyse des offres,etc.

New Super-Black, Light-Absorbing Material Looks Like a Hole in Reality | Singularity Hub

by sbrothier
Vantablack consists of a dense forest of carbon nanotubes—single atom carbon tubes 10,000 times thinner than a human hair—that drinks in 99.96% of all incoming radiation.

22 July 2014 09:00

Blackest is the new black: Scientists develop a material so dark that you can't see it... - Science - News - The Independent

by sbrothier
"You expect to see the hills and all you can see … it's like black, like a hole, like there's nothing there. It just looks so strange," said Ben Jensen, the firm's chief technical officer.

Menuiserie alu : AFD menuiserie

by bateaux
Menuiserie alu : AFD menuiserie

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21 July 2014 23:00

Enter The Lodge

by gregg
Welcome to Enter The Lodge, a fan-made work of “Twin Peaks” Twitter fiction. This project is produced by “Twin Peaks” fans for “Twin Peaks” fans, to celebrate the characters created by David Lynch, Mark Frost and the rest of the show’s writers and producers.