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July 2007

What is Grok?

by pvergain (via)
What is Grok? Now even cavemen can use Zope3 Grok is a web application framework for Python developers. It is aimed at both beginners and very experienced web developers. Grok has an emphasis on agile development. Grok is easy and powerful. You will likely have heard about many different web frameworks for Python as well as other languages. Why should you consider Grok? * Grok offers a lot of building blocks for your web application. * Grok is informed by a lot of hard-earned wisdom. Grok accomplishes this by being based on Zope 3, an advanced object-oriented web framework. While Grok is based on Zope 3, and benefits a lot from it, you do not need to know Zope at all in order to get productive with Grok.

March 2007

gawel's blurb: weblog

by bluetouff
Le blog de gawel, développeur zope. Documentations python et autres geekeries

October 2006

by tarekziade & 1 other
Blog de Tarek Ziadé sur Python, l'open source, Zope, Zope 3, l'AFPY (Association Francophone Python)

August 2006

EvoGrid - Evolutionary Computation framework for Python in Launchpad

by ogrisel
EvoGrid is a componentized framework based on the Zope3 interfaces / adapters system to build Evolutionary Algorithms (aka Genetic Algorithms) by pluging python components together.

Introducing the EvoGrid system

by ogrisel
EvoGrid is a component-based python framework to build Evolutionary Computation-based Machine Learning algorithms sometime also known as Genetic Algorithms The EvoGrid design is inspired by the idea of "replicators" introduced by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. EvoGrid's replicators can evolve through both classical undirected darwinian evolution or through "intelligent" lamarckian evolution or by a combination of both. In this respect, EvoGrid can be considered a Memetic Computational framework.

June 2006


by bader
Bebop is a Zope3-based groupware that tries to combine collaboration support and content management with a user-friendly interface. It allows to switch between blog, wiki, desktop, and news perspectives on the contributions of the group members.

November 2005

Five Tutorial for Plone developers

by bader (via)
This document teaches you how to use Five. Its goals are to familiarize you with some Zope 3 idioms and demonstrate how they are applied in a grown Zope 2 environment. It will do so in five steps, thus let you experience the iterative development process that has been acquired by Zope 3 developers and been used in my book as well. It will stop after those five steps, but still leave you with some possibilities to pad out the code with your own components.

October 2005

Zope 3 Quick Start Guide

by bader & 2 others (via)
This Quick Start assumes you are familiar with Python, Subversion, and the generalities of the web (HTML, servers, etc.).

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