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27 February 2006


by johnzule
WOW Energies offers energy efficiency and pollution reduction technologies. The Company owns the patented technology called the Cascading Closed Loop Cycle ("CCLC"); a breakthrough in energy efficiency that generates electricity from nearly any heat sourc

New Scientist Breaking News - System converts smokestack heat to electricity

by johnzule
System converts smokestack heat to electricity * 09:15 31 May 2004 * Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition * Bob Holmes Printable version Email to a friend RSS Feed Scavenging electricity from smokestacks Enlarge image Scavenging electricity from smo

26 February 2006

The Magic Stove - Luxurious sauna-bathing

by johnzule
INVENTION A new revolutionary method to produce renewable energy, which will have a great impact on energy production and environment.


by johnzule
KINETIC HYDRO ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM AXIAL-FLOW ROTOR TURBINE DESIGN * Underwater windmills - unducted axial-flow rotor turbines

25 February 2006

Corporate Focus

by johnzule
Encore Clean Energy, Inc. is commercializing four fundamental new clean energy technologies that can help the world's industrialized nations and developing countries to harness their own vast and largely untapped domestic energy resources which can help t

20 February 2006

AquaSonics Technology

by johnzule
TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE The RSE™ technology is based on a patented method of producing very small droplets of saltwater that are rapidly evaporated in a heated air stream. The evaporation results in water vapor and precipitated salt particles. The salt

by johnzule
Welcome to Engineair Engineair Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia is a company focusing on the development of air motor technology based on a unique rotary piston concept. Different from conventional air motors, the Engineair motor, invented by Mr Ang

Hydronic - Air-Driven Hydraulic Pumps & Power Packs

by johnzule
Hydronic Corporation - The Company Air driven fluid pumps and hydraulic power units are core products for Hydronic Corporation. Founded in the 1953, the company manufactured a range of specialist hydraulic components and remote controls. In 1985, under a

The Segway creator's next entrepreneurial spin - Feb. 16, 2006

by johnzule
BUSINESS 2.0: Future Boy Segway creator unveils his next act Inventor Dean Kamen wants to put entrepreneurs to work bringing water and electricity to the world's poor.

17 February 2006

Large scale Solar Desalination using Multi Effect Humidification

by johnzule
Large scale Solar Desalination using Multi Effect Humidification ZIT

16 February 2006


by johnzule
Aqua Solaris Family Well: 1 cubic meter of clever physics and technology producing 40 litres of premium drinking water per day for the main needs of a single family.

08 February 2006


by johnzule
We have identified two processes which could be feasible for implementation on appropriately located offshore platforms using electricity produced from a large wind turbine and other renewable energy resources available.

Variable! Power Engineering International - Quenching a thirst

by johnzule
The company has been operating and testing a wind turbine powered desalination system on a Greek island since 2001. In addition, Enercon’s RO plant has no fixed operating point. Water production can range between 12.5 and 100 per cent of nominal capacit

Gulf's first wind power plant is opened - SciDev.Net

by johnzule
The US$2.5 million power plant, located on Sir Bani Yas Island off Abu Dhabi, will generate 850 kilowatts of electricity to power a seawater desalination operation.

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