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Flash Builder for PHP Downloads -

by srcmax
Flash Builder for PHP combines the strengths of Adobe Flash Builder and Zend Studio to provide an integrated development environment for building rich Flash-based applications driven by PHP back-ends.

Demo Back Office CENTURION - Zend Framework CMS PHP

by topdos & 1 other
Centurion is a nextgen "content & community" solution based on a PHP5 framework. It's your future website platform.




by Krome & 1 other, 4 comments
Cahaya CMS is a new content management system build on Zend framework. It is released under GPLv3 license.


by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
Picok stands for Personal Information Cockpit. It's an open source software package, aimed at enableing users to build their personal information dashboards. The users content is loaded into small draggable boxes, so called portlets, and layed out in a tabbed column-based interface. There are a quite few standard portlets shipped with Picok, but since it is an open system, maintainers of picok installations can easily create portlets of their own. Picok is written in PHP 5, uses the Yahoo User Interface Library and Zend Framework Components and supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Lotus Notes and is ready to be integrated into your corporate intranet, website or community platform as well.

Internationalization in PHP 5.3

by Spone
PHP 5.3 has been recently released and one of the new features in core is the internationalization extension. It allows you to support a multitude of languages and local formats much easier than before, without having to learn all the tiny the details of local formats and rules.

Using the Zend Framework with Symfony 1.1 | MirthLab

by delavigne & 3 others
How to easily use Zend classes from within the Symfony framework

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