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January 2009

Sondage du JdNet Dév: Quel framework PHP utilisez-vous le plus souvent ?

by nhoizey
C'est moi ou ils citent PDT comme un framework alors que ça n'a rien à voir ? En tout cas, ZF et Symfony mènent la danse.

August 2007

Using PDT : Installation : Installing the Zend Debugger - PDTWiki

by holyver & 1 other
Zend Debugger is a full-featured php debugger engine, an interactive tool that helps you debug PHP scripts. It works with a production and/or development web server and allows you to debug your scripts locally or remotely, from an IDE or the console. To get the debugger to work you need to install the debugger engine to run in the PHP interpreter (server part), and configure the debugger client to communicate with the engine.

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