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Introducing Yeti: The YUI Easy Testing Interface » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog)

by ghis (via)
"Yeti is a command-line tool for launching JavaScript unit tests in a browser and reporting the results without leaving your terminal. Yeti is designed to work with existing unmodified YUI-based tests. Yeti is designed to help you run tests before you commit. It compliments existing CI tools like Selenium and Hudson which run tests post-commit. Yeti is not a replacement for those tools."



How to build a cross-browser history management system - Tales from the Evil Empire

by greut

The main trick that history managers use is to have the browser believe the user navigated to a new url without the current page and all its JavaScript and DOM state being thrown away. The only part of the url that enables such a thing is the hash part. The hash part is what comes at the end of the url after a pound (#) sign. The original intent of this part of the url was to allow for navigation inside of the document. You would put a special named, href-less anchor tag in your document, and then navigating to #nameOfTheAnchor would just scroll the anchor into view. The page doesn't get reloaded, but it does enter the browser history.

YUI Browser History Manager does that for you, but lack of documenting how it works under the hood.



by greut

YUI DHTML Widget : Dialogs

bubble dialog for YUI

YUI Library Examples: Container Family: Simple Tooltip Example

by Simay
parceque les attributs title sont parfois trop courts.... et non persistants...

iPhone Interface in JavaScript

by GodSigmA & 2 others (via)
Use your mouse to drag the lists up and down, then try to flick them like you're supposed to on the iPhone. The back button on the phone is also enabled. Built with Yahoo! UI Library, PHP and the Digg API.

Ajax Edit In Place with Yahoo UI API by Elliott Back

by greut & 1 other
The effect we want is like Flickr’s edit in place descriptions.

YUI Theater — Victor Tsaran: “Introduction to Screen Readers” » Yahoo! User Interface Blog

by greut (via)
If you haven’t had the opportunity to play with a screen reader firsthand this video is must-watch stuff.

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