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YouTube - Toyota Prius

by leaffael


by meeboo & 144 others
YouTube很像Flickr, 不过YouTube是用于上传和共享视频的. 允许上传不同格式的视频文件(.AVI, .MOV, .MPG.), 视频的长度不超过100MB, 不允许发布色情内容. 最近有传闻YouTube将被某公司收购, 谨请关注.

Greasemonkeying with Google Video and YouTube

by jackysee & 10 others (via)
讓你可以下載 Google 和 YouTube Video 的 Greasemonkey Scripts


YouTube - Kurt Hates Teen Spirit

by catalonestudio (via)
Vous connaissez l'effet du pétage de cable à force de jouer... Kurt Cobain en fait une belle démo sur smell like teen spirit.

YouTube - Play That Funky Classical Music White Boy!

by catalonestudio (via)
Amateurs de Guitare ou pas ... Découvrez ça... !!!!!!!!!!! :)

Greasemonkeying with Google Video and YouTube

by arnet & 10 others
One of the frustrating things about websites that use Flash video is that they rarely provide links to let you download the video files for offline viewing