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Intégrer un lecteur video sur sa page Web ou son Blog / Playing Video

by prac53
Comment intégrer un lecteur video sans utiliser embed Pour Google Video YouTube et dailymotion

Virtual Tourism

by Cornea & 2 others
Watch videos of famous locations around the world embedded on Google Maps.


Daiko's Video Widget

by Daiko & 2 others
Daiko’s Video Widget is a Wordpress Widget that lets you randomly display your favourite videos from Google Video, YouTube and MySpace in your Sidebar on Widget-enabled Wordpress themes. New in version 2.0 is: * Full support for Google Video, YouTube and MySpace videos. * Support for multiple versions of Daiko’s Video Widgets. * Support for Wordpress Conditional Tags, meaning you can specify on what page(s)/post(s)/category the widget will be shown. Click the link above for more information on Conditional Tags. * Automatic calculation of width or height dependent on format. * Optional Title and Link where you can specify your own.

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