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Bix: Lip-Sync, Karaoke, Photography, Comedy, Dance, A cappella, Writing, Beauty, and more

by sbrothier
As Shakespeare himself once lip-synced, "All the world's a karaoke stage" (wait, maybe that was Bix user ShakyG from New Jersey?). Either way, the point is, the Web has now opened up a crazy new world of possibilities. Which is perfect for budding superstars like you, who are just waiting to strut your stuff. And Bix is center stage to all the fun. In a nutshell Bix lets you create, enter, and judge online contests.

Welcome to Invitr!

by chunmin & 4 others
Invitr introduces the only missing feature of the almighty Flickr. Invitr allows you to specify one (or more) private pictures to be shown to as many/little people as you want. Think of an extension of the Public, Friends, Family and Private status.

psynchr: 複数人が撮った写真をシンクロ!

by chunmin & 2 others

alpha (beta)

by chunmin & 12 others
Yahoo 雙欄式搜尋器。

Pipes: Rewire the web

by ycc2106
Annotated link

Globalwarming awareness2007

by globalwarming-awareness+2007 & 1 other
Global warming is the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades, and its projected continuation.

Trip Planner - Yahoo! Travel

by Dawa & 1 other
Racontez vos voyages avec ce blog/photos ou préparer le votre grâce aux voyages des autres. La nouvelle fonctionnalité qui vaut le détour s'appelle le Trip Planner. Une fonctionnalité très intéressante de planification de voyage puisqu'elle arrive à marier e-business (recherche d'hôtels et de billets d'avion), communautaire (possibilité de partager son itinéraire), folksonomie (possibilité d'appliquer des tags aux locations) et cartographie avancée (visualisation graphique de votre séjour). C'est très bien fait et surtout très ludique.

Get Addicted to Yahoo! Answers or Just Gaming Yahoo! Answers?

by heroiv (via) is a realtime snapshot of Yahoo! Answers submissions, answers, votes, and comments. It allows you to watch what's happening on Yahoo! answers as it happens. It's a good website for who is gaming Yahoo! Answers. The WSJ reported that people are asking and answering inane questions on the Yahoo! Answers service to boost their point scores.

2006 - Web and mobile messaging, for everyone everywhere

by sanne & 4 others, 2 comments
eBuddy is a web application that enables you to chat with your MSN, AOL and Yahoo buddies without having to install any program or Java applet. To use the web version of eBuddy, all you need is a JavaScript enabled browser on your computer and it works even if you are behind a firewall. If you are on the road, you can use the mobile version of eBuddy to chat with your buddies. Every mobile device that supports xHTML or WAP can be used.

Yahoo Questions / Réponses

by discret & 11 others
Vous gagner des points à répondre et à poser des questions, ces points donnent accès à des cadeaux

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