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by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
Picok stands for Personal Information Cockpit. It's an open source software package, aimed at enableing users to build their personal information dashboards. The users content is loaded into small draggable boxes, so called portlets, and layed out in a tabbed column-based interface. There are a quite few standard portlets shipped with Picok, but since it is an open system, maintainers of picok installations can easily create portlets of their own. Picok is written in PHP 5, uses the Yahoo User Interface Library and Zend Framework Components and supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Lotus Notes and is ready to be integrated into your corporate intranet, website or community platform as well.


Yahoo! Developer Network - Flash Developer Center - ASTRA Flash Components - Layout Containers

by ronpish
HBoxPane, VBoxPane, FlowPane, TilePane and BorderPane are a set of containers that position and resize their children using several different layout modes. These components are built with the Layout Utility in the Astra Utilities library.



symfony PHP5 framework » Yahoo! bookmarks uses symfony

by nhoizey & 1 other
But the real news about the new Yahoo! Bookmarks is that it was built with symfony. Why did Yahoo! choose our framework? According to Michael Salisbury, Technical Yahoo!, who was kind enough to give us his feedback, the major strengths of symfony over its competitors are: Great documentation, Explicit and extensive configurability, Active development, Use of best-of-breed components rather than building everything again

Scoopeo - Yahoo Bookmarks! utilise Symfony

by camel
Tout le monde parle de la sortie du nouveau service de bookmarking sociale de Yahoo! Mais le vrai scoop c'est qu'il l'ont développé à l'aide du framework d'application PHP5 Symfony : Beau cadeau pour ce framework initialement développé par une équipe française et qui souffle tout juste sa première bougie.

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