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by Elryk
XmlPad permet d'éditer facilement des fichiers XML, XSD, DTD.


Intel XML Software Suite

by nhoizey
Des manipulations XML (parsing, validation de schéma, transformation) jusqu'à 10 fois plus rapides qu'avec les classiques Xalan/Xerces

Dgis XSD Diagram

by night.kame

XSD Diagram is a free Xml Schema Definition (XSD) diagram viewer for Windows

Très pratique cette petite fonction d'export en EMF.

Messages in a bottle » Blog Archive » XSD 1.1 is in Last Call

by nhoizey
Yesterday the World Wide Web Consortium published new drafts of its XML Schema Definition Language (XSD) 1.1, as ‘last-call’ drafts.


Schema Library

by nhoizey
This page is offered as a reference library to common (and uncommon) industry and cross-industry schemas.

Griffin Brown Weblog - 10 reasons to model XML with RELAX NG , not W3C XML Schema

by nhoizey & 1 other
There are lots of individual bits of information on why RELAX NG should be preferred all over the web. Here is an attempt to condense some of the key information into ten points …

Tuteur XML -- XML tutorial ([email protected])

by kamquebec
Tuteur pour le langage XML-- XML tutorial Valid XHTML 1.0!

by nhoizey (via)
to implement Web Services Security with the X.509 Certificate Profile, you also need to implement XML Signature (which includes XML Canonicalization and XML Exclusive Canonicalization) and XML Encryption. To correctly handle imports of WSDL1.1 documents (and validate the traffic they describe), you need to support the entire behemoth that is XML Schema -- in particular if you are attempting to support RPC-oriented SOAP, which informally requires you to support the entire XML Schema Datatypes specification. Don't forget support for SOAP with Attachments, either!


|► JAXFront - XML Forms and GUIs in Java and HTML ◄| - Generate User Interfaces

by nhoizey
JAXFront is a technology to generate forms on multiple UI channels (Java Swing, HTML, PDF) on the basis of an XML schema. The dynamically generated GUIs allow the user a sophisticated way of editing XML data without being exposed to the underlying XML technology.

XML Schema

by kwabena
langage de definition de document XML plus puissant que la DTD


XSD schema validator

by maali & 1 other
Permet de valider un fichier XML par rapport à un schéma XSD (très très pratique…)


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