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jQuery - TUTO - AJAX simplifié avec jQuery

by decembre
AJAX (littéralement : Javascript et XML Asynchrones). AJAX c'est le pont entre les langages serveur (PHP, .NET...) et JavaScript, cette technologie permet de faire communiquer les deux de manière asynchrone, c'est-à-dire qu'on a plus besoin de recharger toute la page mais seulement une partie de la page, en y insérant des informations qui viennent directement du serveur.


Parse XML with jQuery |

by eledo34
Parse de XML avec Jquery et presentation dans page HTML


jQuery を使ってブラウザーで XML を処理する

by kunix (via)
jQuery は XML 名前空間をまったく処理することができません。


jParse - jQuery XML Parse Plugin

by delavigne & 3 others (via)
jParse is a jQuery plugin that allows you to parse XML that was fetched with the jQuery .ajax method (making it fully customizable). It's easy to use and ultra lightweight at only 2.49KB! Best of all, it's compatible with all major browsers:


Jquery Grid plugin

by damdec
A simple PHP MySQL generation of the XML File can be found here A demo page with PHP and MySQL working examples can be downloaded from here

xslt.js version 3.0 released XML XSLT now with jQuery plugin

by nhoizey
xslt.js is a tiny JavaScript library to transform XML with XSL. Essentially, it’s a JavaScript wrapper around the browser’s XSLT API. The version 3.0 now includes a jQuery plugin


by camel & 8 others (via)
Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using Ajax to load the content. Similar in concept with the Ext Grid only its pure jQuery love, which makes it light weight and follows the jQuery mantra of running with the least amount of configuration. Features * Resizable columns * Resizable height * Sortable column headers * Cool theme * Can convert an ordinary table * Ability to connect to an ajax data source (XML only) * Paging * Show/hide columns * Accessible API * Many more I'm planning to add an Editable and Resortable rows feature, as well as other cool GUI features.


Easy Ajax with jQuery [JavaScript & AJAX Tutorials]

by gregR & 1 other
Ajax is changing web applications, giving them a responsiveness that's unheard of beyond the desktop. But behind all the hype, there's not much to Ajax -- (X)HTML, JavaScript, and XML are nothing new, and in this tutorial, I'll show you how to simplify the process of adding Ajax to your application even further with the help of jQuery, a popular JavaScript library.

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