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Integrate your PHP application with Google Calendar

by kasi77
Google Calendar allows Web application developers to access user-generated content and event information through its REST-based Developer API. PHP's SimpleXML extension and Zend's GData Library are ideal for processing the XML feeds generated by this API and using them to build customized PHP applications. This article introduces the Google Calendar Data API, demonstrates how you can use it to browse user-generated calendars; add and update calendar events; and perform keyword searches.

XML Developer Toolbar :: Modules pour Firefox

by parmentierf
Finally, a toolbar modeled after Chris Pederick's WebDeveloper toolbar, that allows XML Developer's use of standard tools all from your browser! Features include: -Schema Generation -DTD Generation -Schema Validation -XML -> Schema Validation -Style Manipulation -XSL Transformations on-the-fly -DOM Inspector incorporated views -Document statistics for future Semantic Web purposes -SOA Module (coming soon) -Lame scratch pad that does...nothing really useful :p


XPather | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

by CharlesNepote & 1 other
Feature rich XPath generator, editor, inspector and simple extraction tool.


Import XML Data / Import/export / Contribs

by nhoizey (via)
This module extension allows the user to load an xml file containing values for a serie of objects in the system. For each object described in the xml files an EZ content object is created and published in EZ Publish. User objects can be created as well. : portail PHP et MySQL - Génération de document OpenOffice avec PHP

by camel & 1 other
Il est possible de produire des documents de traitement texte a partir de PHP : OpenOffice repose sur un format XML compressé, qu'il est facile de manipuler depuis la plate-forme. Ce tutoriel de PHPHacks vous met le pied à l'étrier avec PHPDocWriter, un ensemble de classe permettant de produire des fichiers OpenOffice. Notez aussi le projet de Alexander Pak dans le Google Summer of Code, dont le but est de produire une extension PHP pour produire aussi des fichiers .ods. Cela moderniserait considérablement les solutions actuelles, mais aucun code n'est encore disponible.

Bookmark Synchronizer SE

by zboog & 2 others
BMSync SE (Second Edition) is my personal contribute to Bookmark Synchronizer, a Mozilla Firefox extension by Torisugari.

2005 Service Data Objects for PHP extension

by nhoizey (via)
IBM travaille vraiment avec Zend à l'amélioration de PHP, ça fait plaisir ! - syncmarks: index

by digitalmonkey
"This extension allows you to synchronize your Firefox bookmarks with a variety of targets, including HTML, XML, the Windows Favorites folder, FTP, etc".

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