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by astrochoupe
Règles de développement de Google : HTML, CSS, Javascript, C...

2011 -- Publication Html -- Votre site de publication en Html --

by cascamorto (via)
Html débutant Html avancé Formulaires Balises meta Images réactives Feuilles de style Éditeurs Html FAQ Html Publications Tutorial Javascript Tutorial Vbscript PHP - MySQL New Html Architecture de site Scripts d'animation XHTML XML + XSL Wap @ WML Publication Html Plan du site Le Html Le Html Le Html Votre site de publication sur Internet Html Apprendre le langage Html Html Maîtriser le langage Html Html Faq sur le langage Html Html Éditeurs Html expliqués Javascript Apprendre le JavaScript Vbscript Apprendre le VBscript Html Architecturer votre site Dhtml Compilation de scripts Dhtml Xhtml Le langage XHTML XML Le langage XML + XSL XSL Le PHP et MySQL New Html WML Le langage WML WML Le Wap @ Wml Publications de l'auteur Publications de l'auteur


HTML5 Boilerplate

by astrochoupe & 13 others
HTML5 Boilerplate, un template puissant et complet A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome.

Web Development and Design Tutorials, Tips and Reviews -

by cascamorto & 8 others
# Languages # ASP # CSS # DHTML # HTML # JavaScript # Perl # PHP # RSS # XHTML # XML # General # 3D Modeling # Design # Design Lab # Graphics # HTML Tools # Internet # JavaScript Tools # Multimedia # Programming # Promotion # Reviews # Search Engine Resources # Video # Web Servers # Reference # Color Codes # HTML Characters # HTML Tags # JavaScript Core # Reference Section # Site Services # XML

2009 » The Real “Why XHTML” Discussion

by nhoizey
"Molly Holzschlag asked me if I’d try and clearly and simply explain why XML parsing is advantageous and why XHTML still is relevant. This was my answer."

Jonny Axelsson - HTML5 — XML's Stealth Weapon

by tehu, 6 comments

2ème article d'un ancien d'Opera, dernier représentant connu des vendeurs de browser à avoir quitté le XHTML WG en 2004. La liste des membres actuels est inaccessible.

La réputation du XHTML soi-disant énorme chez les vendeurs de smartphone prend un petit coup au passage.

POMPAGE - Déclarations XHTML

by Spone & 1 other
Utiliser PHP pour proposer soit du XHTML 1.1 avec un type MIME application/xhtml xml aux navigateurs qui le comprennent et agissent en conséquence (comme Mozilla), soit un XHTML 1.0 Strict avec un type MIME text/html aux autres navigateurs (tels que IE).


Use Server Cache Control to Improve Performance - apache web server settings for optimized caching with configuration files

by camel & 3 others
Caching is the temporary storage of frequently accessed data in higher speed media (typically SRAM or RAM) for more efficient retrieval. Web caching stores frequently used objects closer to the client through browser, proxy, or server caches. By storing "fresh" objects closer to your users, you avoid round trips to the origin server, reducing bandwidth consumption, server load, and most importantly, latency. This article shows how to configure your Apache server for more efficient caching to save bandwidth and improve performance. Caching is not just for static sites, even dynamic sites can benefit from caching. Graphics and multimedia typically don't change as frequently as (X)HTML files. Graphics that seldom change like logos, headers, and navigation can be given longer expiration times while resources that change more frequently like XHTML and XML files can be given shorter expiration times. By designing your site with caching in mind, you can target different classes of resources to give them different expiration times with only a few lines of code.

Something Witty Goes Here » Blog Archive » New XHTML SVG Theme

by parmentierf
had to add a little catch in my PHP content negotiation code to force application/xhtml xml when I want to. Anyway, the PHP content negotiation code looks like this:

Eric van der Vlist » HTML 5 turns documents into applications

by night.kame

For all these reasons, HTML 5 looks to me as a big step backward and XHTML 2.0 seems to be a much better alternative.

HTML5, une spécification 2.0 : "HTML5, a mashup specification".


HTML / XHTML / XML / WML Validator

by ycc2106 & 16 others
Validome allows Web Publishers to check their syntax with a reliable, high-speed validation service, in accordance to current official Standards.

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