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Yahoo! Mobile - Yahoo! Developer Network

by nhoizey
"With Yahoo! Blueprint 1.1, it has never been easier to build rich, compelling mobile services in record time. Blueprint 1.1 allows you to use simple XML to create applications, sites and widgets that run on thousands of mobile devices."


Tutoriel et livre de cuisine XForms

by -Nicolas- & 1 other
Bienvenue sur le tutoriel et le livre d'exemples XForms. XForms est une recommandation du World Wide Web Consortium pour la création d'écrans et d'applications. XForms est à la fois facile à apprendre, offre des fonctionnalités étendues à l'utilisateur et ne nécessite pas l'utilisation de JavaScript. Ce site est un projet collaboratif et nous encourageons tous ceux qui utilisent XForms à contribuer avec leurs exemples totalement opérationnels.


XForms in Firefox

by pvergain & 3 others
XForms makes development of Web-deployed applications faster and easier. XForms' clean architecture makes applications more robust, more scalable, faster, and more secure. Except for one little detail, developing with XForms would be a no-brainer. That detail is that no current browsers actually support XForms out of the box. Needless to say, this severely limits what you can do with XForms and where you can deploy them. However, there are workarounds. Browser plug-ins exist for both Windows® Internet Explorer® and Firefox that add XForms support to these market-leading browsers. XForms processors have also been written in Flash that can be deployed to any browser with a Flash runtime. Finally, there are server-side solutions that precompile all XForms markup to classic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and JavaScript programs. These solutions all have something to recommend them, but for first learning XForms the simplicity of support right in the browser really helps. You can write a piece of a form and then preview it. Then you can change it a little bit more and preview it again. If the form doesn't look quite right, tweak it a bit and reload. Server-side solutions like Chiba are good for deployment, but for learning nothing beats the rapid development cycle of a browser. Therefore, in this article I focus on using the Mozilla XForms plug-in in Firefox.

XForms in Firefox

by Xavier Lacot & 3 others (via)
Using the experimental Mozilla XForms extension, you can process XForms in your browser today. While not yet deployed widely enough for use on the public Internet, XForms may be suitable for some intranet applications. This article demonstrates basic XForms processing as currently supported by Firefox and the Mozilla XForms plug-in.


Web Forms 2 - jy[B]log

by -Nicolas- & 2 others
Un brouillon des spécifications de web forms 2, conçu par le WHATWG, (en fait, Ian Hickson, celui là même qui a écrit les nouvelles spécifications pour XBL2 entre autre), a été publié au W3C la semaine dernière. Il est temps que je vous en parle donc. Je vous ferez une comparaison avec XForms dans un prochain billet.

Xforms vs Ajax : 1 - 0

by -Nicolas- & 2 others (via)
Xforms fait de plus en plus parler de lui. Et pour cause : il rend totalement obsolète l'utilisation d'ajax dans les formulaires html classique. Xforms apporte en effet une plus grande souplesse, une plus grande facilité de développement, une meilleure accessibilité et qui plus est, permet de faire des formulaires plus puissants. Une explication remarquable, par Laurent !

Introduction to XForms

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
This handbook covers everything you need to know to get started with XForms. You'll start with a simple walkthrough to get your development environment up and running, then create two fully functioning applications--one that saves links to, and another that searches Flickr. Both use CSS-driven Ajax animations.

XML-Centric Web Apps

by terraces & 1 other
XML-Centric Web Apps


XForms for HTML Authors

by fredbird & 2 others
the next genration of web forms

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