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May 2006

March 2006

APHID Parallel Game-Tree Search Library

by bcpbcp (via)
APHID is an acronym for Asycnhronous Parallel Hierarchical Iterative Deepening. The APHID game-tree search algorithm attempts to accomplish many goals: * to test out the viability of asynchronous search methods for parallel alpha-beta based search. * to develop an algorithm that works well across all hardware platforms and applications. * to implement a tool that can be easily inserted into legacy sequential search algorithms.

February 2006

ciberia .:. Putin-chess é um vício na web russa

by bcpbcp (via)
Do país das grandes glórias do xadrez chega uma nova moda – o Putin-chess online. O jogo arrisca-se a ser um caso sério de sucesso tão ou mais viciante do que o tetris ou o tamagochi.

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