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19 December 2006 23:00

La déclaration du type de document

by jlemoine
Liste des doctypes à utiliser en entête d'une page html.

18 December 2006 23:00

Cheat Sheet Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, LaTeX, Ruby… | Smashing Magazine

by jlemoine & 26 others
Whether you’ve forgotten the name of a function or the property of a cascading style sheet - handy cheat sheets deliver the information you are looking for - immediately. Most cheat sheets are available as .pdf or .png-files, so you can print them and u

8 steps to serving better (X)HTML

by jlemoine & 3 others
As promised, continuing with my experiences from An Event Apart, here is a summary of my code critiques. Eric Meyer, Aaron Gustafson and I performed critiques of the markup, styling, and scripting of various sites submitted for review by the attendees. Th

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