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September 2009

rdfwysiwyg - Project Hosting on Google Code

by CharlesNepote

Etendre un éditeur WYSIWYG existant (FCKEditor) pour manipuler du RDFa

August 2009

HTML Purifier - Filter your HTML the standards-compliant way!

by Spone & 19 others
HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP. HTML Purifier will not only remove all malicious code (better known as XSS) with a thoroughly audited, secure yet permissive whitelist, it will also make sure your documents are standards compliant, something only achievable with a comprehensive knowledge of W3C's specifications. Tired of using BBCode due to the current landscape of deficient or insecure HTML filters? Have a WYSIWYG editor but never been able to use it? Looking for high-quality, standards-compliant, open-source components for that application you're building? HTML Purifier is for you!

WYSI-dangerous: Why WYSIWYG editors are bad for your website - RedCloth: Textile for Ruby

by Spone
Suppose you are fed up with rush-hour traffic and you’re looking for a new way to get to make your daily commute. “I’ve got just the thing,” I say: a personal-sized airplane that will deliver you to work like the Jetsons. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about flying—it’s all automated. No knowledge of flight dynamics, weather, or navigation is required. Just push the right buttons on the dash and the computer will take care of the rest. It’s as easy as driving a car! I hope you’d say, “thanks but no thanks.” Sure, someday that will be a reality, but you realize that right now flying is a much more complex operation than driving. You’re operating in three dimensions instead of two; there are more external factors, like weather and turbulence; you can’t just pull over onto the shoulder. The consequences of making wrong choices are much higher and aviation AI just isn’t sophisticated or trustworthy enough yet.

July 2009


by ms_michel
A simple, light weight, extensible wysiwyg html Editor built on top of jQuery


by ms_michel & 1 other
This jQuery plugin is an inline content editor to allow editing rich HTML

June 2009

Les e-mails en HTML c'est difficile

by nhoizey
Ce n'est pas nouveau comme le montre ce workshop du W3C de 2007, et ça ne va pas dans le bon sens avec Outlook 2010... :-(

May 2009

wmd - The Wysiwym Markdown Editor

by Spone & 5 others
WMD is a simple, lightweight HTML editor for blog comments, forum posts, and basic content management. WMD is just as easy to use as any WYSIWYG editor, so you don't need to know anything about Markdown or HTML to write clean, semantically meaningful markup. You click the buttons, and WMD writes the Markdown.

April 2009

WYMeditor - web-based XHTML editor - Home

by Spone & 6 others
WYMeditor is a web-based WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) XHTML editor.

Rendurr 2.2

by ycc2106 & 7 others
New version - Begin typing and it will render as you type. HTML sandbox with syntax highlighting, css and javascript support

March 2009

The Road to HTML 5: contentEditable

by ms_michel (via)
Chronologie de la standardisation de l'attribut contentEditable,

February 2009

January 2009

FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet

by Spone & 42 others
This HTML text editor brings to the web much of the power of desktop editors like MS Word. It's lightweight and doesn't require any kind of installation on the client computer.

uEditor : éditeur wysiwyg

by ms_michel & 1 other (via)
uEditor est un éditeur HTML WYSIWYG basé à l'origine sur widgEditor conçu par Cameron Adams, mais réecrit pour jQuery et considérablement modifié.

The Man in Blue > Experiments > widgEditor

by srcmax & 14 others
widgEditor is an easily installed, easily customisable WYSIWYG editor for simple content. It replaces existing textareas with an improved editing pane using JavaScript, therefore if you don't have JavaScript (or your browser doesn't support HTML editing) it degrades gracefully. Try it out by typing below, and submit to see the processed output.

December 2008

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