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May 2005

April 2005

The Man in Blue > Experiments > widgEditor

by nhoizey & 14 others
Un éditeur WYSIWYG simple et générant du code propre

The Man in Blue - widgEditor

by lunar & 14 others (via)
Très simple et quasiment parfait


by kuruzman & 23 others
Javascript Content Editor

March 2005

XStandard: free standards-compliant XHTML WYSIWYG editor

by camel & 1 other
XStandard is the leading standards-compliant plug-in WYSIWYG editor for Windows desktop applications and browser-based content management systems (IE/Mozilla/Firefox). The editor generates clean XHTML Strict or 1.1, uses CSS for formatting, and ensures the clean separation of content from presentation. Markup generated by XStandard meets the most demanding accessibility requirements.

Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor

by aspyrine & 12 others (via)
Editeur wysiwyg plutôt simple, mais semble vouloir grossir :(

PythonCard Home Page

by sunny & 1 other
PythonCard is Visual Studio for Python, a gui for building cross-platform desktop applications on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, using the Python language.

Bitflux Editor -> Home

by bagou & 1 other (via)
Boite suisse qui a réaliseEditeur real time pa d'édition wysiwyg edite des fichiers xml rendu wysiwyg

Bitflux Editor - The Wysiwyg XML Editor

by camel
Bitflux Editor is a browser based Wysiwyg XML Editor – and that changes everything! You can edit now your content semantically and at the same time display it to your users and editors in its final form.

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