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08 October 2005 21:00

Wired News: RSS Service Eases Bloggers' Pain

by bcpbcp
Adding links by hand is both time-consuming and ineffective for those who can't spend 24 hours a day watching for breaking news. Relying on RSS feeds means fresh headlines, but the clutter of irrelevant content.Now, many bloggers are turning to a new service called TagCloud that lets them cherry-pick articles in RSS feeds by key words -- or tags -- that appear in those feeds.

TagCloud - Home

by bcpbcp & 51 others (via)
TagCloud is an automated Folksonomy tool. Essentially, TagCloud searches any number of RSS feeds you specify, extracts keywords from the content and lists them according to prevalence within the RSS feeds. Clicking on the tag's link will display a list of all the article abstracts associated with that keyword.

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